USD Index, everything is against US dollar, but…

mario urlic forex usd index 16.02.

All important news which are coming true the wires are negative for the US dollar, but anyway, the USD index is trying to return the lost teritory, no matter that this is very strong technical resistance. At first, ECB’s Weidmann said that furder QE is not necessary  now, hour latter FED’s harker said that it’s better to wait for stronger inflation for furder hike. Well, as I always said, don’t trade on news and watch the technical side, here we are. Daily MA200 is attacked for the second time in the last two days, outer strong trend line as well, previous resistance too. In my point of view, this is very strong resistance and it would be strange for the US dollar to pass true in this conditions. But, watch out, this is the market with unexpected moves as you know.


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