– In 20 days over 11,400 views!

mario urlic blog stats january-february2016.

When I start to write my first blog I was more then surprise in the first month of my writing with 3046 views and 1037 unique visitors. Well, what can I say now with my new blog after only 20 days of active writing with more then 11,400 views and with more then 5,100 unique visitors from 104 countries, 108 comments!? All I can say is that I am thrilled with you and I hope that you share the same feeling with me!? And, this is just the beginning of our journey. Stay tune and thank you! 🙂



  • Thank you Mario for your effort to help us.

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    • ti si mi otkriće , skoro odustao od forexa da nije tebe hehe .zahvaljujem na svemu

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      • Bravo,moram priznat da neke tvoje anlize nadmasuju sve postove koje citam,ja sigurno nastavljam s tobom i divim se tvojim pracenjem i razmisljanu o kretnji trzista.

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