US Dollar on huge test!

mario urlic us dollar index

I am following weekly charts in the last couple of days because of this. As You can see, the US dollar in on huge test here. For now, only USD/JPY have a possible breakout, but still not confirmed, it’s Wednesday. All others; EUR/USD, GOLD, USD index are still in range, bellow resistance or above the support. Take a look, it’s very interesting to follow and it could be the guide for the following weeks and months. EUR/USD is holding support on 1.0800/50 for now, Gold is holding support at 1098/105 for now, USD/JPY resistance is on huge test, there is already break on smaller time frames, US dollar index is testing strong resistance at 98.00/40, but the break is still far away. Great battle, the US dollar bulls are on the run!

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