FOREX, constant balance between failure and success!

mario urlic tezak posao

I always write this, forex is the toughest job in the world. Why? Based on my huge personal experience by trading. So, it’s not surprise to me, that every single day I have messages with questions like; Can you help me sir, I’ve lost all my money by trading!? Unfortunately, I can’t help in that case, it’s to late. All I can do is constantly write about risk and risk management. You must be aware that you are constantly on balance between failure and success and there is thin lign in between. It doesn’t matter how clever you are, how much knowledge you have, how much experienced you are. Your discipline must be on 90% all the time. Yes, you can make mistake and move on, but that mistake must be limited, otherwise you are back to the begining, or to be more clear, you will lose everthing. If you risk and lose to much, most of the time you will not recover and you must start all over, with new capital. Can you lose it again? Yes you can! You must be aware that, only one careless mistake can ruin you’re montly efford and hard work. I experienced that for several times in my career and realy, each time I’ve made a huge mistake, I didn’t recover if I didn’t deposit a new capital. Do you have more capital? So, don’t risk too much, make a plan and be disciplined all the time. If you lose 0,5 or even 3% in one trade, that’s a good management, but if you lose 40 or 50% in one trade, soon you will lose everything. Be careful and always think of this!


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