GOLD, my stop loss is hited! – 'LIVE'

gold trade 2

I am busted for the second time today, my SL is hited here too with 50 pips loss, or 0,9% of my capital. Well, what can I say, it’s not my day and it’s time for me to relax and wait another day. I lost 75 pips today in total, or 1,4% of my capital which is aposlutely normal for me. Market capted me, it seams that the US bulls have gone wild! Loss is the part of our job each day, it’s important for us to realize, that is normal and what most important is, that the risk/loss is not huge, what I always writing about. This is easy to cover with cool head and that’s why I will take a break now. I wrote in my gold entry, that catching falling knives is not clever today, hm!? I should listen to myself. 🙂

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