EUR/USD, each decline has covered…

047 eur-usd 27.02.

…in February, but it’s end of the month and now is the question, is it ‘needed’? For sure, it’s interesting view to consider about and these are the levels to watch. EUR/USD find support at 1.1180/1.1200 and trying to recover and catch resistance at 1.1260/70. High today is 1.1244 for now and that level is a minnor resistance as we can see on this H4 chart. I wrote at my yesterday’s EUR/USD analysis, what can’t go up, must go down. On my oppinion, that’s the only (technical) reason why the pair slided hard down, there was no important changes in policy or economic datas for this. If the pair close today/February under 1.1311, it will be 8th red month in a row! That’s why I am thinking about this possible move, but trade based on technical analysis as I always say. Let’s see, this could be interesting!? Big boys are on the move!

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