EUR/USD, at the end of the 'Greek week'!

eur-usd 20.02.

Greece get a deal at the end of the week and euro celebrated that, but… this was not growth as I expected. Could we see more eur/usd ‘saga trading range’ during the next week? Possible, but let’s take a look what do we have on technical chart. As we can see, 1.1270/80 supported the euro once again and pushed the pair up, toward 1.1450/60, but it didn’t reached. Down trendline stoped the growth at 1.1429 and return the pair down to 1.1370, where the pair find minor support. This level could be first support at the start of the next week, 1.1330 second and 1.1270/300 the last one in a case of furder decline. On the way up, 1.1420/30 is first resistance, 1.1450/60 second and 1.1520/30 could be the last range/target for the bulls. If that level coud be reached and braked, we could expect more growth toward 1.1700/800!

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