My fantastic 200 pips EUR/USD trade, but…

eur-usd 27.01. target

…I closed my positions way to early! Sure, this was not mistake because I made a 200 pips profit, but I just want to show you how one moment and a few pips can unbalance you and create doubts in your trade. I opened my first long at 1.1125, after the market was open and failed to brake previous low from the last week, at 1.111. I suspected that Greek election results will have an impact like this one, short decline and quick return up and I was right. After pair didn’t manage to brake 1.1290, I waited down at 23.6 fibo return and opened my second long position. I moved my first SL and placed onther at the same level at 1.1180. In the case of decline my postitions would be closed at zero or BE, my first position with +55 pips and another with -55 pips.  Trading through the Asian sesion has been calm and the pair start to rise up in the morning, braking 1.1290 resistnace in sight. But, in my oppinion, strong decline on the EUR/CHF pulled back EUR/USD as well and the pair broke my predicted support, after wich I made a quick decison to close my positions. I could balance with my positions more and wait to see furder development, but… Failed to take 2×150 pips or even more, beacuse my target is still far away from this level. Well, what can I say? Who knows how many times I was in the situations like this one, but though I didn’t use a great setup completely at the end. To bad, because, setups like this one are not everyday opportunities. On the other side, I took 200 pips and I can wait for another chance. There is always another chance in the FX! 😉


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