1, 2, 3, 4, enter! Quick 100 pips golden trade!

gold trade 14.01.

I traded gold today again and quickly took a 100 pips profit, here is how I did it. After the gold was well supported at 1226 for 4 times I decided to enter long at 1228.50 with SL near below previous 4 supports. Gold start to rise before US retail sales data and after the data gold growth accelarated to 1244. My target was higher at 1251 because I thought (that’s mistake) that bulls could brake yesterdays resistance at 1244. But, after I sow that resistance could not be broken easily and that US dollar start to recover all over the market, I decided to close my position at 1238.70 because I didn’t want to decrease more of my profit. This was nice trade, I hope you will find something useful to apply in your future trades.

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