What to expect from FOMC? I have no idea!?

Janet Yeallen

At 19:00 h (GMT) FOMC is coming up with last meeting of the year.  Whether they now finally say magical sentence, we will raise interest rates in …….. 2015. I don’t think so, not today!? Most of the analysts are expecting that they will change good old “considerable time” language in something deferent and gave the market onother ‘word bomb’ without specifying the date!? Possible, but that kind of ‘action’ don’t change anything fundamentaly and question is how will market react on that kinf of ‘lenguage’!? I really do not know what they will ‘invent’ today, like nobody does and therefor I will shut down my computers and go somewhere for a drink. That’s all I can recommend, don’t get into trouble because you have no idea what they will decide, this is not a gambling! Tomorow is a new day, see you! 😉


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