EUR/USD, 1.0500 under heavy pressure!

eur-usd 13.03.

EUR/USD manage to defend 1.0500 at March 11. and rebounded to 1.0683 yesterday, but here we are today, 1.0500 is under heavy attack again. For now, the level is holding, but this is the hard betlle now and brake is possible. There is nothing new on the wires and it’s obvious thet someone want’s to close this week under the strong support at 1.0500! Whether it will succeed? C’mon bulls, show us your strenght! I pointed at this level as an very important support for euro at my analysis from March 11. If 1.0500 holds and reject the pair up today, this could be a double bottom! If the level breaks, 1.0500 could become a strong resistance.


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