EUR/USD possible 4 steps after ECB!?

eur-usd 04.12.

I wrote today, that euro will possible recover if Mr.Draghi stay just on talk and that’s exactly what is happening now. Here are the 4 possible ‘resistance steps’ on the way for the euro bulls and if they manage to brake that, euro could catch new hights until end of the year.

Edit: 19:15 h (GMT)


The pair stoped near my 2nd step and return to the support at 1.2350/60 after several hours. If Mr. Draghi wasn’t ‘clear enough’, Bloomberg was!? They wrote, that the ECB is ready for QE lounching in the first meeting on January 2015!? I wasn’t hear that today from Mr. Draghi, like market didn’t as well. But, here we are, again!


  • Kakav preokret, nazad 100 pipsova. 😦


    • 4th step wasn’t able to catch today, range like that wasn’t possible but, we will see what will happen with support at 1.2350/60. If brakes again, bears will take over the ball. That’s why I wrote on my previous ‘ECB post’, buckle up! 🙂

      Btw. This drop was coused by the Bloomberg news!


  • Stoped at 2nd step, 1.2456 high, MA100/h4 and near down trendline. The bears are always ready to take over the control! In this moments the pair tested support at 1.2350/60 again!


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