The EUR/USD, what an amaizing and important prediction from Aureus Invest team

aureusinvest eur-usd 23.01.

On August 02. we have analyzed the eur/usd and showed potential target for the end of 2017, as well as the support under which the euro will not go any more in 2017. Six months latter, you can see how everything developed in the most important currency pair. True, the pair didn’t manage to reach our target by the end of 2017, as we wrote that we are not sure for that, but in the very beginning of 2018 here we are, our first level is reached, 1.2300! As you can see in our chart, the support what we have pointed was extremely accurate in the same time and the pair didn’t manage to break 1.1500, as we pointed in our analysis on August 02.

Sure, we followed the move for few times after this predicion on smaller TF’s and showed the potential outcome during it. Now, in the beginning of the new year, I read the predictions of the EUR/USD potential targets from the banks and very important analysts which are pointing this level, but I didn’t sow that before when we wrote about it, when that was actually important.  Everybody can see that now, I don’t see the point?

Well, this proves once again what is the real advantage of our Aureus Invest  team and how we combine the fundaments and TA’s. Give us your trust investors, let’s create the future together.

Check what we wrote on August 02. »» Click here

Update on January 25. »» Exactly on target 2 days latter with 1.2537 high!

aureus invest eur-usd prediction 2017-2018


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