ECB, Interest rate decision

ecb draghi

The European central bank is expected to keep both interest and deposit rates unchanged at 0.0% and -0.4% respectively, while it is also expected to review its bond buying program. The current QE program is due to end by March 2017 and the market is widely expected ECB to extend it, but investors are divided whether should expect ECB to decrease the monthly purchase amount, known as tapering. Latter on, the focus will be on the Press Conference as always when interest rates stay on hold and Mr.Draghi is well known as a ‘market mover’ when he talk and answer on questions.

The EUR/USD has recovered from the main support at 1.0500 four days ago after the Italian referendum and it reached the 1.0800 resistance today before the decision. It will be interesting to see the market reaction latter on as always.

12:45 h (London time) > ECB Interest rate decision – Previous 0% > Consensus 0%. Update > 0%!!!

12:45 h (London time) > ECB Deposit rate decison – Previous -0,4% > Consensus 0,4%. Update > -0,4%!!!

>>> QE kept at €80bn until April 2017 then will continue at €60bn until the end of Dec 2017, or beyond if necessary!!!

13:30 h (London time) > ECB Monetary policy statement and Press conference!!! LIVE here


  • Hvala ti maistore,kad mi ti to kazes smjesak je od uha do uha,beskrajno zadovoljstvo!


  • Ovaj put je Dragi bio drag ne previse ali nije puno petljao na odgovorima za novinare a i nije nesto suzavao program! U pocetku objave u 12.45 -L.time- kad je objavljeno odmah da ce se produziti program do kraja 2017 i to 60 umjesto 80 bilo mi je sumljivo ,ocekivao sam neku zamku tako da sam usao u trejd tek u 13.30 L.T.dosta je to bilo kasno tako da sam propustio oko 110 pipova ali ostalih 160 pipova su uhvacenii i zatvaranje pozicije na 1.060! Malo sam riskirao sa vecim lotom tako da sam ipak zadovoljan,e sad samo da USD nastavi zamah i to bi bilo to uz FED s kojim su podiz.kamata vec uracunati u cijenu valjda stignemo u PARITET ili blizu! L.P.

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