ECB leave Interest Rates unchanged

mario urlic forex mario draghi and bulls

The European Central Bank decision is expected to be unchanged today. That’s why the focus will be on the Press Conference as always when interest rates stay on hold and Mr.Draghi is well known as a ‘market mover’ when he talk and answer on questions. Mostly, he lose and how much he would like to weaken the Euro, bulls are chasing ‘him’ and pushed the Euro higher after his talk. Will today be the same? Well, there could be one very important thing in favor of the Euro today and that’s rumor about the potential QE taper and Mr.Draghi’s answer on that. He will probably deny these rumors, but… That’s why this could be an interesting event with high volatility in the EUR/USD pair. I hope it will be. Be careful traders!

12:45 h (London time) > ECB Interest rate decision – Previous 0% > Consensus 0%, Update 0%!!!

12:45 h (London time) > ECB Deposit rate decison – Previous -0,4% > Consensus 0,4%, Update: -0,4%!!!

13:30 h (London time) > ECB Monetary policy statement and Press conference!!! LIVE here

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