GOLD, what a fall. The sellers are ruthless


Gold sellers have smashed the preciuos metal today, which is fell today for 380 pips for now (must bold this). Gold opened the day at the price 1312 and low for now is 1274. What a free fall true the several support areas and with no bounce at all. I wrote in my previous gold article in between the comments at first how the sellers will break 1290 and then that I don’t see 1282 (weekly MA200) as a support as well and I was right. Where are the buyers? I wrote in my Gold analysis from September 27. that, if 1300/10 breaks, it could become ugly and it really did. As I wrote then, if they broke that level, they could push gold all the way to 1250 and now, as you can see on my chart I don’t see any buyers before that level. A total breakout.



  • Buyers in the 1263 zone, maybe

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  • Strašno, ali to je market. Bez razloga otreslo 400 pipsova.

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  • Free fall indeed, but as you have mentioned Mario, no stop and no rebound. That nice and thanks because I wanted to go long from 1290.

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  • hey”SNIPER”
    today seller’s are heartless……….


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