‘Mr.Market’ is a little nervous, isn’t it!?

rate hike from fed

It’s not strage to see a strong down/up moves like this in the market, after an amaizing NFP data today. Why? Well, strong NFP data suggest the market players that the FED could hike soon, but on the other hand,  other indicators and new problem with’the Brexit’ are quite worrying for the future of economic global developments. That’s why even the big boys are not quite sure what to do and where to put their money on!? The future period will give us an amaizing opportunities for making money in the forex market, I hope that you’re know what are doing in the situations like this one. This is all from me in this week, hope that you will enjoy in you’re weekend,  I will in mine.

sell buy

The picture of the day! 🙂

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