Are you aware that London is the Nr.1 in the financial world!?

mario urlic forex panic brexit

Are you sure you want to trade in the next 7 days? You might think twice about it!? I hope you’re all aware that London is the number one in the financial world and how much the possible Brexit could impact the financial markets!? It’s possible that part of you are searching for the opportunity in the high volatility which the markets will provide in the next 7-10 days, but believe me, that’s not the kind of volatility what you are searching for. From now on, the markets will be taken over from the big boys. Central banks will certainly be involved, huge funds and big banks are already in the game. Unexpected moves and turns will be everywhere in the markets, especialy in the market like forex. I see this period in the next 7-10 days as extremely danger for all forex retail traders and that’s how you should see it as well.

More experienced and professional traders will try to take the advantage of this period, I know I will, but there is so many things what we know and datas what we will have before you, which will help us in making trading decisions. At first, you know that we are using a very low leverage in our trading and that our risk is way much lower based on that. If you are using any leverage bigger then 1:10, you can be in huge danger to erase you’re account with no problem, you can lose you’re entire capital or even more, think of that! It’s best for the most of you to turn off you’re computers and forex plaforms and try to relax until the end of this new financial saga. This is much bigger problem then is presented to the comunity and then you think it is, trust me. Don’t ruin you’re life just because of one week, it’s not worth it! Stay aside and enjoy in the battle of the professional bulls and bears!

Beware of this! Possible Brexit could cause even bigger problems long term in the market and we all will need to change our current trading strategies if that happens.

Btw. I will not write any technical analysis until the end of this Brexit chapter!


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