RBNZ, to cut or not tonight!?


On this picture looks like that the RBNZ Governor Wheeler is showing to us that the current rate of 2.25% is to high, right!? Well, I am kidding for that, but at the last decision to stay on hold from April 28., that solution of the possible rate cut was mentioned for June. Here we are, in about hour and 15 minutes we will see if they were kidding or they will cut for 0.25 points at 2.0%!? It could be interesting with Kiwi latter, be careful!

22:00 h (London time) > RBNZ Interest Rate Decision!!! Previous 2.25%, Consensus 2.25%! Update 》2.25%!!! RBNZ stays on hold with rates!!!

22:00 h (London time) > Monetary Policy Statement!!!

22:00 h (London time) > RBNZ Press Conference!!!

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