ECB, Interest rate decision!!!

ecb draghi

Are you ready for today’s decision and press conference? What to expect from Mr.Draghi and could we see another run in front of the euro bulls? Well, the several major banks expect no changes in monetary policy, with main focus on implementation of corporate sector purchase program (CSPP) and new LTRO-II. If the ECB will stay with policy on hold, press conference will be important for the euro as always and it’s possible that Mr.Draghi  will try to weaken the euro with his talk. As allways, today should be interesting for us in the market and I hope that we will catch some pips later on. Stay on alert and be patient! 

12:45 h (London Time) – ECB Interest rate decision!!! > Previous 0%, Consensus 0%, Current 0%!!!

12:45 h (London Time) – ECB Deposit rate decision!!! > Previous -0,4%, Consensus -0,4%, Current -0,4%!!!

The ECB leaves rates unchanged! QE stays at €80bn per month! The ECB will start corporate bond buying on June 8. and New TLTRO will start on June 22.

13:30 h (London Time) – ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference!!! LIVE webcast.


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