GOLD, take a look how accurate my analysis are

mario urlic forex gold 27.05.

Check my gold analysis from May 24. and see how accurate my gold move prediction is. I hope that you read carefully what I am writing and not only looking at my chart and my important levels what I am marking mostly. It’s imposible for me to write and draw on all TF’s and it’s important for you that you read my analysis carefully, set up you’re charts similar as mine and then check that on several time frames. Gold moves are not easy to follow and to predict, it’s probably the hardest for analyse and trade in the market, but this is where I feel  like fish in the watter. 🙂 When I see a possible move in wich I am pretty sure that will happen, this is how I describe the same and I know that most of you have notice that in my previous analysis on gold and all other pairs which I analyse. You have probably notice when I write about supports or resistances as targets and when I mark the same as a possible turnover levels. I mark that on specific way and clear, because, there are not all levels of support and resistance for entry in oposite way and it depend on trend what you should do. But what the most important is and why I am writing this?

Swissquote DEMO reklama

It’s not that you should follow everything I write, it will be better for you to all my analysis and predictions as an examples and take that as something what you must do by you’re self. Becuase, no matter what I’m writing plain and simple, it’s not easy for you to trade based on that. I know that because, you can’t see what I see and there is plenty of other things what I combine when I write my analysis and predictions. I know that sometimes my analysis looks so simple when I write, but for you it’s not easy to trade if you are not here by my side. Of course it’s not simple because, there is a question about the patience and entry on the right time and this is what is the most important beside the accurate entry levels. Well, trading is not easy and even when you analyse good, it doesn’t  mean that you will trade good. Especialy not if you trade based on analysis which are not yours! That’s why you must do this by you’re own and see and feel the market how I see it. Otherwise, you will never learn how to analyse and especialy not how to trade! Trust me, nobody can teach you and show you how to trade. Only you can do that and it’s the only way to be successful here. Hard work and sleepless nights is what you need, not my or any others analysis and predictions! Remember that and start working. 😉

Take care and have a great weekend!


  • Bravo Mario,po ko zna koji put si u pravu i slazem se s tobom.Ja osobno ujutro volim procitati sto vise postova razlicitih broker. kuca pa nakon toga donosim svoje analize i odluke kada uci i gdje pa i pored svega toga lako promasim zbog nekih iznenadnih vijesti na trzistu koje su mi promakle ili nesto ne predvidim.Stoga sve pohvale na tvojim analizama koje su bas mocne! UGODAN VIKEND

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  • i am agree with you


  • When i met you, a few years ago, i was reading analysis, with chart opened in another window, several times, trying to understand the logic analysis without asking: “Why did you do so? What is the red line? What is a green arrow?” and many questions to which the answer was easy to find if people read carefully what you write. But most people prefer not to work, and expect them all to fall from the sky. In addition, they put strahge questions.

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  • Svaka ti je na mjestu prika. Svi ovi seminari su prodavanje magle i teorija ovdje na vrijedi ništa. Treba proći trnje i to gazit po njemu godinama bos, pa ko izdrži, uspio je. Zato ti skidam kapu za sve što radiš, moj naklon do poda.

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  • 100% true. Even I follow your analysis and they are accurate as much as they can be, I dont have consistency in trading and great trades as you have mostly.

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