EUR/USD, can they break this finally!?

mario urlic forex eur-usd 02.05.

As I wrote in my EUR/USD analysis from last week, the buyers will try to attack this resistance one more time and they are here with 1.1492 hig for now. Despite this attack, it still looks like they don’t have enough strenght for this resistance and it’s a question can thay reach the huge stops above the 1.1500/35? We know that the sellers are strong here, but this is the last chance for the buyers, before the sellers could take over again if they failed!? The buyers must push stronger on the way up true this level. If they manage to break this, there will be a run higher from the sellers and the road toward 1.20 could be opened.  C’mon! On the way back, 1.1400/35 is the first support.

Swissquote DEMO reklama

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