EUR/USD, in expectation of the Fed’s decision.

mario urlic forex eur-usd 25.04.

Strong selling interest at 1.1460 and 1.1380 from the previous two weeks returned the pair down to 1.1220 on Friday, where the buyers have stoped the fall. In the beginning of the new ‘FED’s week’, the pair is slightly recovered to 1.1260 high for now, where the first resistance is placed. Higher on the way up, the second stronger one is placed at 1.1280/300 and that could be the real test for the buyers. On the way down, 1.1220 is the first, the intra day previous support, 1.1140/60 the stronger one. This could be an interesting week, the FED is coming up on Wednesday on April 27. with Interest Rate Decision and Monetary Policy Statement. Let’s see where the pair will wait for the same?

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