GBP/USD, roller coaster on the run!

mario urlic forex gbp-usd 30.03.

Are you in? 🙂 A little fun and analysis, it’s doesn’t hurt sometimes, right!? Interesting ride during the March with GBP/USD, there is no doubt and it could continue for a while, without kidding. Brexit referendum in not near and the market ‘players’ are playing with this pair as we can see. Near the 1.4000 are the buyers and near the 1.4500 are the sellers. Who will win in this game is not important, it looks like there is no losers anyway. Be careful if you would like to have some fun as well, buckle up and enjoy! 😉

One comment

  • Pozdrav Mario,

    znam da slabo pratis ali ako bi mogao da prokomentarises usd cfh, prosli put sam ti pisao o ulazu u long na 96600 bio dobar ulaz ali nazalost zavrsio na BE. Sada ideja o longu je na ceni 95000 30pipsa sl
    hvala na vremenu tvoje misljenje puno znaci

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