EUR/USD, 1.0700 is possible target for the bears!?

mario urlic forex eur-usd 14.03.

It’s not easy to find a clever solution after ECB’s ‘rate cut move’, but it looks to me that this could be a possible target now, after the pair settled down at the end of the last week. Resistance at 1.1180/200 looks preaty strong from my point of view, there is no point for euro to get stronger fundamentaly, technical is not bullish despite this strong move from Thursday and it’s also possible for ECB to act indirectly in the market. There is several support levels now on the way down, daily MA’s 200 and 100 at first, but I don’t see that levels as an strong support, not before 1.0700. Sure, this will be interesting to follow a maybe to trade as well. Let’s see what could sellers do now, after the bulls took their territory last week. Can they return the same in this week? How do you see this traders?

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