AUD/USD, three weeks latter the Aussie reached my predicted target!

mario urlic forex aud-usd 14.03.

On February 16. I wrote in my weekly analysis that the Aussie could try to reach 0.7600 from 0.7150. Three weeks latter here we are, the target is reached with high of 0.7592. First week was tough as I pointed in my analysis, 0.7150/200 was important level to be broken for furder gain on wich the buyers have spend 7 days trying to brake that. When they have finaly manage, in next two weeks the Aussie was extremely bullish, as you can see on this analysis. On Friday and early today my predicted resistance stoped the bulls at 0.7600, wich is very important level for the  next moves. On the way down, 0.7350/400 should provide a solid weekly support, 0.7600 shold be broken for furder gain toward 0.7850 and weekly MA100 at 0.8000!

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