GOLD. Yes, the bulls were ready!

mario urlic forex gold 10.03.

While the euro is slapping all around, my focus today was on gold, after I made my yesterday’s analysis and prediction on what could happen here. And yes, that’s exactly what happened, extremely precise. The bulls were ready for a turnover from my predicted support at 1237/42 and they reached 1273 today for now. It looks now that they don’t have enough strenght to reach 1279 and pass true, but the bullish momentum is still strong and I don’t see the place for short position now. I was long here and I’ve closed my positions at 1272, after wich I could watch calm what could happen next!? Another amaizing week for me, in wich I didn’t want to trade euro, hope that you have seen today why. Amaizing and crazy turnover as wel, but I must say that I couldn’t predict that. This is my home, here on gold. 🙂 On the way back, 1258/63 could be the new support, on the way up, 1273 stoped the bulls for now, 1275/79 is the next resistance, where is placed H4 down trendline as well at 1276.

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