US NFP and Unemployment rate, coming up!

mario urlic forex us nfp

13:30 h (GMT) – Nonafrm Payrolls (Feb)!!! – Previous 151K > Consensus 190K! Update > 242K!!!

13:30 h (GMT) – Unemployment Rate (Feb)!!! – Previous 4,9% > Consensus 4,9%! Update > 4,9%!!!


  • Kako bi prokomentirao ove trenutne vijesti, ja gledam da nisu baš toliko pozitivne jer avarage hourly earning je poprilicno los pa gledam kupovna moc pada eto moj neki laicki osvrt ,ispravi me ako griješim hehe


    • Trade what you see, not what you think. 😉 That’s not so important from the fundamental side anyway. It’s an old news.


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