EUR/USD, in between the MA’s!

mario urlic forex eur-usd trade 23.02.

I am still in with my short position from yesterday and the market almost catch my profitable SL in the morning. But, I never move my SL and I didn’t move it today from 1.10574 because of the daily MA200 at 1.1050. My position survived with high of 1.10524, only 5 pips from my protection. On the down side, there is H4/MA200 which stopped the fall yesterday and as you can see, today as well. I will hold in anyway and see can I reach my target today. Discipline and patience is very important during you’re trades as following the move from the technical perspective. When you have a good setup, you must try to get most of it. Most of the traders are making mistakes by changing the oppinions and views too quickly, which is dangerous for you’re psihology latter during the day. When you have you’re view of the possible move, stick to it, no matter what you read somewere. There is almost double difference in the amount in between the current level and my SL, or we could say TP and I must make a decision should I close the position now or still wait, but either call I made it’s a good one. It’s profit anyway and I will not be angry if the market decide to go up again. That’s also a very important in the situations like this one, to stay calm what ever happens. Because, you can’t move the market, you can just follow the same and what ever you decide it’s you’re call. Be calm and stay focused!

mario urlic forex trade2

Update 16:10 h (GMT): I have lowered my SL to 1.1031 and it’s reached before 15 minutes, my trade is over with 67 pips profit. Very small range today in between MA’s as I wrote before and this is all what I have taken in those two days on this trade. Satisfied? Sure I am, because I never think of the ‘missed profit’ and how much more I could take from this trade, but on how much I will take on the next one. As I always said, collect you’re profits and make them big, cut you’re losses and make them small. Each profit is a good one!


  • H4/MA200 seems to stop the fall again. And in Daily chart, minimum of todai is in the zone of maximum of daily candles from december 28/29. So, i think we don’t see falling continue. Is only my opinion. 🙂

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    • Odlicno,profit je profit pa bilo to i 70 pipova,ali vidim ja po Swap-u da je to bio veci lot -size- s obzirom da je trejd trajao dva dana! Pa je i profit jak,ali za to trevba imati veliki iznos na stanju ili polako ga steci s vremenom kako ja pokusavam!

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      • It’s not important how big position is, that’s aposolutely irrelevant to me. Profit by procentage on capital and risk in trade is what’s important to me.

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