‘Brexit’ referendum on June 23.


Prime Minister David Cameron said he’ll hold a long-pledged referendum on the U.K.’s membership of the European Union on June 23., signaling the start of a four-month campaign that immediately exposed rifts in his Conservative Party.

“Leaving Europe would threaten our economic and our national security,” Cameron said outside his official Downing Street residence in London Saturday. “The choice is in your hands, but my recommendation is clear. I believe that Britain will be safer, stronger, and better off in a reformed European Union.”

Polls based on the average share of the vote for In and Out in the six most recent surveys, shows the two sides are neck and neck, with 52% in the remain and 48% wanting to leave.

For sure, it could be a several interesting months for the British Pound in the forex market, but the Euro could feel the heat as well.


  • Do you think euro to will get stronger considering Cameron position. Is the agreement favourable to EU?


    • I didn’t pay much attention on this posibility until now. I hope there will be much more fundamental serious articles to find in the coming period. It will be interesting to follow everything.


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