GOLD, join to our discussions and this is why!

mario urlic forex gold 19.02.

This is why it’s important to participate in discussions on my blog. In my last gold analysis from February 17. I have pointed that the buyers have took over the precious metal at 1200 and build a strong support at that level. Latter in our discussions in the same article we have predicted the possible development after the FOMC minutes, in wich I have wrote that I see the precious metal at 1235 after the FOMC. A day after, the gold was supported at 1200 again and reached 1240, where the sellers have took over again and return the gold to the previous resistance, now support at 1220 in the morning. Could this level hold the sellers now, or we will see furder decline. How the buyers will react again? Let’s discuss.

>>> Btw. It’s very important for all of you who are following my analysis to check and to follow the comments as well and not only because of the possible predictions. You all know, how many changes in the market is happening during the day and intra-day analysis must be covered with comments latter, in wich you can find a very useful infos and explanations of what is going on and why. Stay tuned!


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