FOMC minutes, coming up!


In about 15 minutes, the Federal Open Market Committee will publish the minutes of its January 26./27. meeting. Market players will be focused on the language, as they will search for clues on whether the FED could hike rates again in the next meetings. Mrs. Janet Yellen is aware of the current global problems, which directly are connected with the US economy and growth and that could be the risk for the US dollar if there will be any clue of the furder rate hike delay. We will see what will happen soon, be careful!

19:00 h (GMT) > FOMC minutes!!!

Update 19:15 h: Most FED officials saw inflation rising to 2% over the medium term and moderate US growth. They have concerned by drag on US from China, but also see a solid job market for now. As I see it, the old story is back again and furder hike will be data dependent. How the market will react on this? The first reaction was against  US dollar, now the US dollar is returning strenght and I don’t see the reason for anything.

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