GOLD, buyers were ready!

mario urlic forex gold 16.02.

As I pointed yesterday in my gold analysis, the buyers were ready for action at 1190/95 and they have took over the gold at the exact level, with low at 1190.90 today! After the level has defended, the buyers have reversed the precious metal up and for now reached 1217. They are aiming to the first resistance level at 1220, follows 1235/45, the stronger one after. Beautiful moves on gold in these days. Let’s follow the furder developments. On the way back down, the first support is placed at 1207 > 1202.



  • Maybe an atack to 1345 ?! 🙂


    • I am out with longs at 1214 and 1216 for now. 😉


  • Meni je uvijek bilo fascinantno kako ti ovo jednostavno radiš. Teško je to opisati, svaka čast.

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  • I took this long today 1195, close at 1215. Thank you. 🙂

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