EUR/USD, the beginning of the week!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 15.02.

As I wrote in my previous EUR/USD analysis from February 12., I expect for the pair to slide back in this week and that’s how the week has began. Since Asian sesion opened, the pair is slowly falling and for now it reached daily MA200 at 1.1190. First minnor support is at 1.1150/60, follows the stronger one at 1.1045/70 after wich strong buyers are waiting in my point of view at 1.100/1.0950. On the way up, the first sellers are waiting at 1.1220, the second one at 1.1280, the stronger one at 1.1340/80. Mr.Draghi is coming up today at 14:00 h (GMT) with his speech. He could give some momentum here, you know that right!?

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