GOLD, what a day!

mario urlic forex gold 12.02.

What to write after this? Well, this was an unusual and rear day in the market with the precious metal for sure. It’s not that something like this didn’t happen before, it did and it happens with gold each year. But, moves like this are realy something special, from wich you can take best you can or you can be busted hard. I am sure that most of you have experienced something from that yesterday and that you’ve learned how much the market can be brutal, with so much of opportunity and with so much of risk if you’re on the other side. As I always write, follow the trend and be his friend. Anyway, the precious metal have jumped yesterday for more then 5,6% in the top of the day and close the same with gain of 4,3%. Take a look at my yesterday’s weekly analysis and you will see where the gold is holding now. In between the weekly resistance level, with support at 1235 and resistance at 1245. It will be very important to see where the gold price will ended the week, which will be an indication for the furder development. Analysis is not easy after the days like this one and it should take a time for some furder predictions here. This was awasome and I really enjoyed yesterday, how about you?

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