EUR/USD, follow the trend and be his friend!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 09.02.

After few days of the consolidation in between 1.1100 and 1.1200, the euro is marching up again. The bulls are showing the will to go even higher and if this resistance at 1.1300 breaks, the next target for the buyers could be 1.1500 > 1.1700. I have pointed in this possible channel in my previous EUR/USD analysis and for now, the reistance level and inner side of the uper trendline works. The US dollar is slightly recovered in the last hour versus some of the opponents, but the euro bulls want let go here. Let’s see can thay manage this resistance level today?



  • Mario, nadam se da nije problem ako pisem na nasem jeziku.
    Vec nekoliko dana mi se vrzma misao da je 1.15-1.16 nivo sasvim moguc i prilicno realna mogucnos, ali se nisam usudio nigdje to izustiti. Nakon sto sam procitao ovu tvoju analizu uvidio sam da nisam bio sasvim u krivu, sto mi je izuzetno drago.
    Lijep pozdrav i zahvalnost na fantasticnim analizama.

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  • Nice one. 🙂 But this is true and we can see that all over the market long term.

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    • Love your analysis Mario! highest level masterclass.

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