GOLD, weekly MA100 reached!

mario urlic forex gold 08.02.

The gold price was near weekly MA100 last time in January 2015. In my previous gold analysis, you can see that I have targeted this level, step by step with start at 1045 > 1080 > 1195 and here we are today, with high of 1199 for now. Almost connected with weekly MA100, there is strong down trend line near as well, which starts at 1392 level from March 2014. > followed 1307 from January 2015. > now at 1202. But, the bulls are strong and they want more. If they can manage to brake this, they will be even more in control of the precious metal price, but we must wait and see now. I wouldn’t predict anything in around this level, not until I see the clear brake of this very important technical resistance!

mario urlic forex gold 08.02. weekly


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