EUR/USD, roller coaster still on the run!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 01.02.

In December, I wrote that the EUR/USD could spend few weeks here around 1.0850 and I was right. Last week the buyers have tried something, but the sellers were ready again to calm the situation quickly on Friday, holding the pair almost unchanged in the last 6-7 weeks. The fall has stoped at the trendline near 1.0800 in wich I have pointed for several times in my EUR/USD analysis in January. The pair looks bulish today again and the buyers want to cover Friday’s loss, they are stuborn. I wrote last week that they will try to push up again and they were trying, but without success. Strong resistance and crucial level for the pair above 1.1000 is still untouched. It looks that they have not surrended and like they will try another attack. My point of view from last week is still that we will see some big action here soon. Draghi speech is coming up today at 16:00 h (GMT). Could that be the trigger? Possible!? Let’s follow and see.

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