FED, Interest Rate Decision!


FOMC meeting is coming up at 19:00 h (GMT). There is no press conference today and that’s why the monetary policy statement will be important for the market. I don’t see the possibility for FED to raise the rates again, not after December’s hike. So, what could be important for this meeting is external global factors as China slowdown in the first place.  Possible dovish stance because of that could be negative for the US dollar, but if the FED remain hawkish based only on the US recovery in the last period, US dollar could benefit from statement. Watch closely and be careful, all comments and views of the possible moves are welcome here.

19:00 h (GMT) – FED Interest Rate Decision > Current 0,5% > Expectation 0,5%. > Update, rate stays at 0,5%!!!

19:00 h (GMT) – FED’s Monetary Policy Statement

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