How about a 1000% three-year plan!?

mario urlic forex 3 years 1000 procent plan

When you take a look at ‘my required numbers’, you will probably say: Wow, this is so easy to do! Well, it’s not so easy as it looks like. How I know that? Take a look 3 years back and see what you have done until today? What result have you made by trading? Nothing!? Only loss!? 20 procent in three years!? Is this too long a period, 3 years? Im sure it’s not. Time is flying bye, right!?

I know that each one of you would like to make this in a month. Yes, it’s possible even in a shorter period, as I showed that here in my blog, but ask yourselfs first, are you capable to do something like that? Do you have enough knowledge? Do you have the skills? Can you risk that much? Do you have enough money to try for several times? Can you keep that gain when you make it? What have you done so far?

Well, based on my experience I know that this is the only way for success here. Trust me, if you want to take the money over the night in this market, you will failed, you will not succeed! I tried so many strategies during my fx trading career and if I could turn back the time, I would do it different from the beginning, exactly like this! I would make a stickt plan and hold to it as if my life depens on it. After 6 years in the market, I am aware that this works only and exactly like this. With strictly predetermined long term plan. If you are a begginer, or even an experienced trader with no results, you can do it like this, I am sure. Try!

In my presented sample, predicted target is 7% monthly and 37 in a row like that. You can predict different target, 3% or 10% if you want. But, what do you need after and how do it? This is not a strategy, this is only a plan that multiply profits and share it with days spent on the market, showing you the required and possible reached numbers. What you need to do is a proper management for this plan. Take the pen, paper, calculator and write. Make your own strategy on, how much you will risk in one trade, how much pips do you need daily to make a required result? Each one of you will have a different capital in the beggining, I have made this for example only. Make it by yourself. And at the end, when you will have everything done, ready to do it, it will look easy to you. But, as I already wrote, it’s not. It’s far from easy, but it’s much easier then try something this ‘over the night’ to achived.

Forex is so tempting because of the huge opportunities what offers every and each day. But, how in the hell is only 10% of the winners and 90% of the losers in the market? Because, this 10% of traders have long term plans and they stick to it, from the beggining, all the way until the end. Will you make a plan for only 6 months or 1 year, 2 years maybe? Why not!? Make it, be disciplined and stick to your strategy as if your life depends on it. You will succeed! Otherwise, you will be between those 90% of the losers!

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