Bulls VS Bears, which side suits you better?

mario urlic Bulls VS Bears 2016.

In the forex market, each day we participate in the battle between bulls, who are buying and pushing the prices up and the bears, who are selling, pushing the prices down. The side and the price of the currency pair is changing from minute to minute, keeping active both sides, as long as one of them win at the end of the day. Since you are one of them, which direction suits you better? Based on my contacts with other traders in the last couple of years, I know that some of them are prefering the bulish side, on the other side there is traders who are prefering the bearish side. Rear traders are who have matched with both sides equally. Personally, I prefer a bullish side on the market in pair which I am trading. My nature is that I am always pushing forward in my life and I don’t know is there some conection or correlation with that, but based on my trading history, I see that my long positions are taking 70% of my trading, sometimes even more.

You know that there is a saying, follow the trend and be his friend. Based on that You always must find a pair with the trend wich is most suitable for you on a longer term, the bullish one, or the bearish one. During my trading career, I caught myself to fight against the trend, and that was my big mistake that I was not aware in a certain period of my career. If you fight against the trend for to long, you will be defeated, there is no doubt, belive me on that. Therefore, from time to time I had to change the pair with wich I trade for several times during the year and I that’s why I traded all of the currency majors and even minors, metals and stock market indices in the last 6 years. Be aware of this before you caught yourself in the wrong side of the market. What’s you’re experience on this issue?

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