I have predicted WTI crude at $33 for 2015.

wti crude price prediction

I don’t analyse WTI crude oil often, but at December 10.2014. I have made an analysis and my view for the price in 2015. Quess what, it happend exactly as I predicted. After the WTI crude oil price fall bellow 60 usd, there was no chance for same to recover above, and that level has become strong resistance in 2015. after wich it was just a matter of time when the price will go toward my predicted support level, at 33 usd. As I wrote in my headline in December 2014., “Crude oil is heading to the last support before abyss.” Exactly a year latter, in December 2015., the price fell to 34, where the buyers have stoped the fall and return the price to 38, but in the beginning of the 2016. this level is attacked again and it would be very interesting to see, where the price will go in 2016. My analysis and price projection for the WTI crude in 2015. wasn’t only from the technical side, but from fundamental side as well, based on the global economy and crises caused with high prices from this sector, as one of the most important. What is your view now?

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