EUR/USD in 2015.

mario urlic eur-usd-2015

I’m sure that many of you remember my EUR/USD analysis from March 11., when I have predicted the turning point for the EUR/USD at aprox 1.0500 level. This was one of my most read article in 2015. and that was my first suggestion for long entry in a long time, while the pair was falling for weeks like a rock. The whole market was predicting parity between the EUR/USD and I am sure that this was uniqe analysis and long term prediction for 2015. in the FX market. That level has confirmed as a strong buyers level, what was proved as doubble support in 2015. and it showed that this wasn’t coincidence in the time I was wrote this prediction. Well, the pair opened 2015. at 1.1936 and it will ended somewhere near 1.0900, what means that the euro has lost aprox 9% of his value vs US dollar in 2015. The euro weakness wasn’t strange because we was aware of the ECB’s strong monetary messures during the past year and a half, and on the other side in anticipation of tightening of the FED’s monetary messures in 2015. The euro has recovered from 1.0500 in March, but the resistance in wich I was pointed at 1.1500 was unbreakable for a whole year, except ones, when the sellers have search for huge liquidity all the way to 1.1700. Here are the EUR/USD weekly charts from today and from March 11.


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