EUR/USD, waiting for the judgment day!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 15.12.

The market players have decided to wait ‘the judgment day’ at daily MA200 and 100, where the EUR/USD is holding in the last 5 days. Could today’s CPI (13:30 h GMT) move the pair at SR levels 1.0900/1.1150? Sure it could and we will see that soon in the next hour. But, the real firework could be seen tomorow at 19:00 h (GMT), at the FED interest rate decision. The market players are expecting for the FED to hike, finaly after so many promisses and delays. How the pair could react on that? It’s realy hard to say, on my oppinion, nobody can predict the possible move tomorow. Is the possible rate hike priced in already? Possible. Is it possible for FED to decide not to hike in 2015. and live the doors open for the 2016.? Possible as well. That’s why it would be very hard to trade from this level, but if you ‘must’ trade tomorow, here is how I see the SR levels for the end of the year at the main currency pair. As I have said, I am not trading in December, I am following the market from time to time and I must follow tomorow’s FED decision. We all are waiting for that magical moment for a long time. 😉

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