GOLD, 700+ pips move prediction!

mario urlic gold 08.12.

Even better analysis and possible move prediction I have made on November 24., at my favorite gold. After the gold was supported at 1065/70, when gold price was at 1074 I have predicted furder fall toward 1045/50, after wich I have pointed to possible boost up to 1085. A few days latter at December 03., the gold fell to 1046, exactly at my pointed support, where the buyers have took over the precious metal and in the next two days they have boost it up to 1088, a few pips over my predicted resistance and sellers teritory. The gold retreet back to the previous support at 1065/70 in the last two days. This in another proof of my expertise and the uniqe view of the market moves in the same week, in wich I have made an exact prediction of more then 700 pips short term move on gold.

Mtarding 04- 728x90

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