EUR/USD, could we see a bulls attack!?

mario urlic eur-usd 25.11.

The pair is falling slowly for days, weeks, but there is some indication that this level could turn over the pair up strongly, well, on my point of view. If the bulls manage to take over here and they are trying, boost up could be strong, toward 1.0750 > 1.0800. As I have already wrote in my previous analysis, there is serious buyers here above the previous 12 years low level 1.0460/500. The pair is constantly trying to go lower, but it want go lower then 1.0565 today. First minor resistance on the way up is 1.0600/15, after wich the road to 1.0690 is open and the bears could be surprised there, after wich they could retreet on higher levels. 1.0770>1.0850 could be the place for the serious sellers and that could be the real test for the buyers if they reach that. It wont be easy, let’s see!?

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