USD/CHF, US dollar has covered 'SNB move' in total!

mario urlic usd-chf 23.11.

In the last couple of days, the US dollar was near the high level from January 15. (1.0220). That was the day, when the SNB has removed EUR/CHF 1.20 floor and shake the whole FX market, financial world as well. That move caused so many troubles with CHF pairs in the market, but the US dollar start to return the lost teritory immediately and the pair has almost covered everything in the middle of March, with 1.0127 high in March 12. The pair returned down after and fall near 0.9000 in May, after wich the bulls are trying to cover the ‘SNB move’ in total. Finaly, they have manage to cover that today, at November 23., with high of 1.0225. During the year, the US dollar stenght in the market helped this pair to recover and SNB didn’t have to ‘do much’ here, but as I sow it, 0.9000 was the level where they ‘stepped’ in to help. For sure, we will remember the January 15. move for a long time and 2015. when it all happened.

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