AUD/USD, back true the daily MA100.

mario urlic aud-usd 23.11.

Aussie’s strenght on Friday was a little strange despite US dolar, breaking some strong resistances on the way up. But today, in the beggining of the new week, everything is back to ‘normal’ and the US dollar has returned lost teritory during the Asian sesion. As I pointed in my AUD/USD analysis from Friday, last daily MA100 break from June 18. didn’t last long, as we can see, this break as well. The pair fell sharply back true the daily MA100, true the trend line, true the H4/MA200 and finaly stoped at the first stronger support at 0.7150/70, wchih I pointed in my last analysis. What next? On the way up, there are same resistances from the Friday, H4/MA200, down trend line could hold again, no matter it was broken on Friday, Daily MA100 at 0.7212. On daily basis, this could be a fail break down, but US dollar has returned it strenght at the end of the last week and marching up again would be heavy here. Sure, we can’t think why this was happen, all we can do is trade what we see and here are the levels for beggining of the new week.

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