FOMC minutes, coming up!


As we can see, the US dollar is set up for new hights before FOMC. The bulls are optimistic and they are waiting for FED’s December rate hike hint today. US dollar index is at the new high already 99.86 for now, the high from April is almost reached, and the high from March at 100.38 is near. EUR/USD is testing the previous support, USD/JPY is trying to go higer toward 124, gold is heading down… It could be firework latter, already is interesting in the market. Be careful traders!

FOMC minutes > 19:00 h (GMT).

Edit 19:10 h (GMT): No hint of the possible rate hike from FED officals. “Leaving the door open for December meeting!” Yap, that door have been open for more then a year. 🙂

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