EUR/USD, support near to 12 years low!

mario urlic eur-usd 18.11.

The euro has find buyers at 1.0630, near the low level in the last 12 years, 1.0460/500. For now, the pair rebounded to 1.0670, but there is a hard road on the way up. First strong resistance is here at 1.0670/80, the previous strong support for days, next one is just above at 1.0700/20. That level could be crucial for the euro, for furder fall, or for possible recovery toward 1.0800. If 1.0700/20 could be broken, that scenario is possible, if not, return to support is obvious based on this. US dollar is still strong, but it’s overbought on my oppinion. Let’s follow these levels.

Important! FOMC minutes, today at 19:00 h (GMT).

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